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What Is the Fief Protocol?

Fief Protocol is a suite of decentralized applications which serve as the economic layer of the Fiefverse.

We believe GameFi as it currently exists doesn't benefit players. It's historically been distracting and executed poorly, so now gamers and item owners are frustrated and skeptical. Yet DeFi is boring and not relatable to gaming.

Our applications unlock utility and liquidity for your in-game items, and they enable you to own, use, and earn rewards, regardless of your level in web3.

The Fiefverse fuels application rewards to create a sustainable, rewarding economy.

Do more with your items, and play more along the way.
The Fief Token (“FIEF”) is a utility token that ties into Fief's decentralized applications. You can view the token contract here.
Fief Avatars are the playable characters within the Fiefverse. These Avatars are born to specific Worlds found across the Fiefverse and can be fully customized with reward-producing items.
Fiefverse is the gaming layer of the Fief Protocol (pure DeFi is boring). It’s an open world RPG built around an ever-expanding collection of explorable worlds. Players can travel to different locations based on their interests and equipped Avatar.

We’re tired of web3 metaverses with nothing to do and no structured economic layer. We should be able to explore, adventure, and visit a host of experiences while collecting rewards that seamlessly plug into other web3 applications. With the Fiefverse, you can do all of that and more.
  • Explore dungeons and fight enemies to get awesome loot (NFTs and IP)
  • Join competitive multiplayer game modes and win prizes
  • Build up your corner of the Fiefverse (literally)
  • Hang out with friends in one of the many Chillzones
  • Use the gasless auction house to max bid on your favorite weapons
...the possibilities are endless.

Actions and demand for IP within the Fiefverse are what ultimately tie our decentralized applications together.
Influence Points ("IP") power gas-free activities across the Fief platform. Users can acquire IP by staking FIEF, outfitting a Fief Avatar, playing in the Fiefverse, participating in Fief’s dapps, or through direct purchase in the Fief Shop.

IP can be used for a variety of activities, including purchasing items for your Fief Avatar, unlocking Loot Farms for your metaverse assets, and more.

IP is attached to your wallet and is non-transferable. All Fiefverse items purchased with IP are minted to your wallet as an NFT and in time, we will introduce off-chain inventory management to allow for greater flexibility for trading within the Fiefverse.
Fief Protocol currently uses the Ethereum network as our settlement layer.